30/03/2012: Water Resources Update

  • The recent warm dry spells of weather are making a poor situation worse. 
  • Groundwater levels are well below average and not likely to recover until winter. 
  • Please continue to use water wisely

Impact of drought on the River Wey

Low rainfall and falling water levels trigger actions to maintain river water levels for boating. In order these are:

  • Ban on the use of hoses/sprinklers – implemented (5th April 2012)
  • Request to boaters to share lockages where possible – implemented (March 2012)
  • Voluntary lock restrictions & delays to lock passage where/when necessary – not yet implemented
  •  ‘Sealing’ of weir sluices & lock gates (depending on water levels) – not yet implemented

If and when the drought worsens, further actions are:

  • Mandatory lock restrictions & delays to lock passage where/when necessary – not yet implemented

The water levels may vary along the river and the measures will be implemented accordingly. 

What can you do?

Enjoy the fine weather but plan your boating, given the potential delays to lock passage. 

To reduce delays, please:

  • Be patient and follow the advice of the staff who will be working hard to keep water in the river and boats moving
  • Do not speed – we are particularly concerned for moored boats and banks that are usually underwater
  • Give particular attention to how you deal with waste, leaks and spills and ensure that your sea cock/toilet is sealed, if you have one. The impact of pollution is worse when there is less water to dilute it.

For further navigation information & updates at

https://riverweyconditionsnt.wordpress.com/  or telephone: 01483 561389

For further information on water resources at:


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